Cricket Australia

"Walkabout Wickets": A Cricket Legacy

Honouring Cricket's Indigenous Heroes

The Brief

Cricket Australia commissioned a TV documentary to honor the historic 1868 all-Aboriginal cricket team and the 2018 Indigenous teams' UK tour, showcasing their legacy and achievements.

The Format

  • 1 x 42 minute TV Documentary

  • Digital Content suite for Cricket Australia's channels, and sponsors.

The Execution

Our team traveled extensively across Australia and followed the Indigenous Cricket Tour in the UK to produce "Walkabout Wickets," which aired on Channel 7, ABC, and QANTAS flights. The documentary combines interviews, archival footage, and contemporary scenes, featuring the 1868 and 2018 tours, Aunty Fiona Clarke's significant artwork on the team's shirts, and the positive trajectory of Indigenous cricket. Note: credited as Marketable Video Production - which was Greenpoint Productions' former name.